My Still Point

'My Still Point'...what is this all about?

It is about you; it is about all of us finding our own inner stillness and feeling it whilst we are in motion. It is about feeling peace in our heart when everything else around us is chaotic and confused. It is about being grateful for the small things in the present moment. It is about being mindful of our breathing. Breath is power.

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The connection between Reiki and being a mum

As a Reiki Master/Teacher I can draw from my own personal experience of using Reiki during my pregnancy and labour, and since the birth of my baby daughter, both on myself and my daughter.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to use Reiki throughout the life changing event that it is to become a mother. Reiki has helped me stay serene and positive and more able to cope during my pregnancy and at the birth of my daughter.

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Reiki helps mums, and therefore their babies, to feel more balanced and calm during this precious time in life. It is an invaluable tool to use with your baby as it promotes calm and relaxation for both; nurturing the mother and helping the baby during teething, colic, sleepless nights and any other un-easy times that all mums have with their fast-growing babies.

For new parents changes are inevitable...change becomes the new constant, the new reality.

Reiki can help you stay in control by allowing you to keep grounded and rest better; you are then able to follow your intuition and inner wisdom that as mums we all have. Reiki facilitates the time you need to nurture the relationship between you and your baby by bringing in stillness in your life.

My vision is to share my passion for Reiki and its healing journey with you.

Reiki treatments allow for the body's own natural healing abilities to occur, leaving you more serene and able to cope. This is why Reiki can work very well alongside medical treatments and other holistic therapies.

Reiki is not just for mums! Anyone can learn and practice Reiki; young or old and from any background or religion. Reiki can be used to help deal with:

Stress; anxiety; insomnia; emotional issues such as feeling unable to cope and low spirit. Back pain, shoulder pain, headaches; sinusitis; low energy levels; arthritis; cancer and a whole range of conditions.

Find your own Still Point...

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" I have been lucky enough to receive a couple of Reiki Treatments from Daniela during my pregnancy with my second child. Daniela is a very caring practitioner and makes you feel at complete ease. Reiki is the perfect relaxing treatment, which allows both your mind and body to switch off and recharge! I had the best night's sleep I'd had in months after setting that as my intention in my first session. I would recommend Reiki and Daniela to anyone who feels they need some time to relax/heal themselves on what ever level is right for them."

Laura Law, Holistic Therapist